AI software solution breast imaging to detect breast cancer.


Respo is an emergency response platform designed to assist patients and ambulance responders to better communicate and find each other during emergency situations in order to save lives.

E-mail: info@respo.co.za

Website: www.respo.co.za

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Senso develops non-intrusive sound assistive technology that connects Deaf Communities to everyday sounds. Our flagship device makes it possible for the Deaf Persons to receive everyday sounds or lifesaving sounds to their wrists through vibrations and color coded LED lights.


Guardian Health Platform (https://guardianhealth.io/) is a tele-health platform that focuses on providing access to information and always available data driven solutions to aid in bridging the access gap in health primarily maternal health. 


Respo is a platform that connects emergency responders such as ambulance and security services with their patients and clients in order to better serve them in times of emergency.


Uku’hamba produces lightweight prosthetics limbs at a low cost with the usage of affordable material.


The solution allows clinicians to capture clinical notes, generate medical records and capture images digitally.