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NMco Pty (LTD) is a wholly-owned black youth company consisting of two directors and are
focused on Information Communication Technology, Financial Technology development and innovation to make things more productive and convenient for end users or clients. We highly support and promote the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). THUMBi is a subsidiary of NMco.


SCMsoft would like the opportunity to exhibit the SCMsoft Platform. SCMsoft is a secure world-class digital platform built with smart 4IR algorithms to embed good governance principles and streamline the lifecycle of Request For Quotation (RFQ) from planning, publishing, and awarding through to RFQ invoice payment processing to ensure transparent, efficient and economical procurement process. Please visit our website: www.scmsoft.co.za


VensyPay App is South Africa's first of its kind mobile payment platform, that provides Banking-as-a-service.